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Qualified as a tourist vessel, our boat is equipped for your comfort and fun and fully complies with the maritime regulations for safe travels. We provide life jackets for all passengers; if children are among your group you must inform us in advance so that we can arrange the appropriate sizes. It is not necessary for adults to wear a life jacket during cruising but it is required by law for children under the age of twelve.

A sun shield canopy covers part of the boat if you need protection or a break from the sun. The steps of our swim ladder extend far enough into the water to make climbing aboard as easy as possible. On board you can shower and use our ice chest.
Our boat can fit comfortably up to 7 persons plus the Captain.

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We offer snorkeling equipment and a waterproof camera so that you can explore, capture your underwater adventure and keep the memories alive. Dolphins are often seen in those waters; if you are lucky enough you’d get to have a wonderful encounter. We provide free WiFi connection so you can share your experience with your friends. 

Also, we offer a sea mattress, swimming rings, beach towels, individual bottles of water, soft drinks, a bottle of wine fruits and snacks.

the boat
Life jackets
boat facilities

Your captain

Born and raised in Syros, Vaggelis has been fascinated by the sea for as long as he can remember. He knows by heart his island, the Aegean Sea, the top attractions and the secluded escapes that the Cyclades complex have to offer.

He loves the sea wind, the sound of the waves and the feeling of freedom that only boating can provide. There may be many ways to explore Syros and some of the most spectacular Greek islands but Vaggelis is going to make sure the most exceptional and unforgettable is the one you will have with our boat cruising from bay to bay, from island to island, enjoying the sun and the scenic scenery.

From your first inquiry to the moment you disembark, we will make sure that your experience will be nothing short of unforgettable.


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